Ultimate Merc

You are a warrior-philosopher, embracing an ascetic lifestyle for your own personal growth. You decry the hedonism and greed of the inner system and the collectivism and anarchy of the autonomists, but you’re more than will- ing to take their pay so that they may kill each other.

Ultimate Purifier

You left your old self on the icy crust of the moonlet Paradise. You left your weakness, your self-pity, your fear of tradition. Now you know who you are; a hero tested in the fires of combat, an Overman. You recognize yourself, your hungers, your needs, are tools to be honed.

Ushma Gavaskar

You’re one of the so-called “Lost Generation”—a term you hate—one of thousands of children raised post-Fall in a fast-time VR simulspace. Most of your peers grew up to be catatonic vegetables, suicidal depressives, or sociopathic monsters.


Vacworkers can be found attached to mining and salvage operations, terraform asteroid herding projects, maintenance crews on habitats, long-haul freight shippers, and anywhere else in deep space where cheap, manual labor is required.


You are a perfected life form, on the road to physical and mental supremacy over all beings. Well, almost.

Venusian Gargoyle

People in the inner system look down on synths. They also tend to look down on journalists—real journalists, that is, not the housebroken lap dogs of the mainstream media. So you figured that if you’re going to go around learning all their secrets and spreading them all over the mesh for anyone to see, you may as well push as many buttons as you can on the way.

Venusian Negotiator

You are known as a communicator and deal-maker, but you are perhaps best described as a social engineer. In an age of mimetic skirmishes, you excel in shaping policy and public opinion.

Zone Stalker

Contrary to your former colleagues who spent most of their time in labs squab- bling about theories, data, and equations, you went looking for the “hands-on” experience out in the field. Following the spirit of Earth’s earliest researchers and scientists—like Darwin, who visited remote places on Earth to observe and analyze the evolution of species—you have a knack for practical science.

Zora Möller

Zora is best described as a saboteur. She spends much of her time infiltrating hypercorp society, organizing dissent and engaging in direct action intended to expose or hinder authoritarian social practices. Zora considers herself a libertarian socialist, but is not content to spend her time in autonomist habitats.