You are a family member of an inner system dynasty, one of the elites of the Planetary Consortium. Like the other descendants of Japanese zaibatsus, Middle Eastern sheikdoms, and European blue-bloods, your family can trace its aristocratic lineage back to the Middle Ages. Unlike the hypercorp upstarts and nouveau rich, your bloodline has a history of surviving disasters, rebellions, and worse.

Omri Melech

Mousy, Caucasian, unfortunate features.

Oversight Auditor

There is no order in the inner system without control. You are one of the cogs in the machine to ensure that everything runs smoothly: an agent of the Oversight Directorate for Fair and Free Markets. You were one of the original colonists who participated in creating the Planetary Consortium, and you are devoted to preserving it at any cost.

Patrona Vasquez

Patrona is all business, with a stark lack of any sense of humor. She is very, very sharp at reading people, and will not hesitate to point out anything she discerns about a person’s actions or personality.


Pirates prey on isolated habitats, long-haul ship- ping vessels, and small prospecting stations. Semi- permanent freebooter stations can be found hidden throughout the asteroid belt and in other fringe areas of the system. Pirate crews also include salvage operation specialists (use Vacworker stats) and a pilot.

Professor Magnus Qiao-Sen Ming

Ming is a respected older figure in the Titanian Commonwealth and has a fatherly figure demeanor. He frequently tosses out bad puns.


The ethical oversight of psychosurgery is one of the most hotly-contested socio-scienti c issues. Many important treatment programs for people with severe personality disorders depend on psychosurgery, as do a number of brutal punishments and tortures.

Reclaimer Activist

Reclaimers are dedicated to breaking the interdic- tion of Earth, wiping out the TITAN remnants there, and terraforming the planet so that it may be transhu- manity’s homeworld once again. While many agitate for their cause in the legal and political spheres of the inner system, others are actively seeking to estab- lish basecamps on Earth and investigating potential methods for teraforming.

Research Scientist

Transhumanity’s thirst for knowledge is never quenched. Research scientists are at the forefront of this drive, making breakthroughs in new areas of science, technology, and our understanding of the workings of the universe.

Riot Squad

Typical security troopers are low-rez recruits assigned to military, police, or security details. They might be a generic military draftee, an inner-system beat cop, a hypercorp hired guard, a cheap Extropian security contractor, or an autono- mist mutual-aid security volunteer.


You are a member of a scav crew operating on or in the vicinity of the “cradle of transhumanity.” You salvage anything worth selling to nostalgic transhumans longing for Earth. While the profit margins for relics and tech from Earth are extremely high, thanks to gerontocrats and hypercorps willing to spend fortunes for a tiny piece of archaic scrap, so is the risk.

Scum Barge Chemist

The decades-long process of uplifting pigs involved many different applications of drugs to various test subjects—lots and lots of drugs. You’re certain this had an effect on your personal development almost as much as the genetic engineering. In a way, your exploration of chemistry is continuing on this path of self-improvement.

Scum Dealer

Scum dealers can be found pushing anything, anywhere, as long as it sells on the black or gray markets. Drugs and XP are common specialties, though well- connected dealers may also deal in nano, weapons, egos, or morphs, or even hire people to record their own XP.

Scum Enforcer

Those jokers in the inner system just don’t get it—the future is about taking life by the enhanced reproductive organs and squeezing every juicy drop out. You live the life you want to live, doing whatever you like to your bodies and mind, and you plan to enjoy the hell out of it until maybe you get to watch the universe end.

Security Jammer

Security jammers look after the technological safety of habitats and stations. While digital security is left to security hackers and AIs, security jammers enhance the physical security provided by troopers and other personnel with ne control over the station’s defense systems and bots.