Jovian Spy

You’re a dedicated soldier to the bioconservative cause, convinced that unrestricted technology is driving the human race to extinction. The Jovian Republic has trained you and modified you to serve their interests, whether that means infiltrating a hypercorp to steal its secrets or sabotaging an autonomist habitat.

Kalbir Singh

Singh was part of the security team at the original HAL facility. He secretly smuggled XP of the living conditions HAL kept their workers in to a human rights group. When the strike was called and the EDF anarchists revealed themselves, Singh threw in with the strikers, locked down the barracks where most of the security personnel were resting, and opened up the armory to the workers.

Lam Cong Dong

A thickly muscled female of Maori stock, sporting a mohawk.

Landon Markus

Landon Markus grew up on the scum barge Failboat and only recently left to see the solar system beyond the barge. After spending some time on Mars he made his way to Venus and found employment first as a bodyguard but more recently as an entertainer of the idle rich and part-time security consultant for the body broker.

Lena Andropov

Born in Kiev in the Ukraine, Lena Andropov studied nanotechnology and materials engineering, receiving a doctorate in applied nanotechnology. She found to her dismay, however, that working for a Ukrainian university meant also working for the oligarchs who pumped money into the institution to use it as a research facility for their own projects.

Li Miulin

You were “recruited” into Firewall by someone who goes by Das Frettchen, a hyper-aged oligarch with delusions of do-gooding. Secretly, you are infiltrating the organization on behalf of your superiors in Project Ozma.

Lost Renegade

This survivor of the Lost generation remains on the loose, selling their particular abilities to the highest bidder and steadily growing more unhinged.

Lunar Ego Hunter

You survived your accelerated growth experience as a member of the Lost generation, the col- lapse of the project, and the scan- dal and witchhunts that followed. You’ve immersed yourself in a new life and identity.

Machine Hunter

You remember when the machines came. You’d already fought against other transhumans and had been trained in that kind of warfare, the kind of war that civilized peoples might wage. Nothing about the machines was civilized. They respected no treaties, no boundaries, no rules. Schools, hospitals, temples— all were destroyed.

Maker Nomad Bot Jammer

You are a true Barsoomian, a nomad Martian redneck. You voluntarily choose to live far from the crowded Martian metroplexes—and farther still from the work camps of the Tharsis Terraforming Office and the patrols of the Martian Rangers. You prefer the freedom to roam the Martian outback and do as you like.

Martian Ranger

As a Martian Ranger, your job is to uphold the law in the remote areas of the Martian frontier. Though you work for the Tharsis League, you must deal with blurred jurisdictions and the gray areas where your authority intersects with the power and influence of the Consortium, Barsoomian rednecks, and even crime syndicates.

Mason Wang

Wang is doing the outer system anarchist lifestyle like he just invented it, which can make him come off as an insufferable douchebag to real anarchists, scumborn, and others born outsystem. Nonetheless, he’s a hot commodity in Locus at present, with substantial rep; his prodigious programming skills and apparent sincerity are sufficient to redeem him in some quarters.

Massimo Rossi

You infiltrated Firewall years ago and have built up a cover as a reliable agent, someone whose name comes up often in discussions of sentinels who might be worth promoting. Meanwhile, you’ve been feeding information back to the Republic every chance you get. So far, you’ve avoided scrutiny.

Mercurial Investigator

You are a digital life form, coded to be “friendly” and molded with transhuman mindsets and world views. You resent the backlash against AGIs and criticize resurgent human tendencies towards technophobia and xenophobia as harmful to the emerging transhuman society. You immerse your- self fully in transhuman culture and the data it produces, bathing in its richness.

Mercurial Scavenger

You may be an “uplift,” but you find it hard not to feel sorry for these modified monkeys around you who have to get by with half as many limbs, gaping sensory blind spots, and brittle bones that are constantly breaking. Any favors they did by uplifting octopus-kind were rendered moot when they succeeded in despoiling and abandoning the home planet you all shared.

Mercurial Separatist

A growing number of mercurials are pushing to establish autonomous habitats, arguing that the social norms and values of most transhumans don’t provide social structures that are comfortable for their behav- ioral patterns.

Mobile Scientist

Contrary to your colleagues, who spend most of their time in labs and habitats, squabbling about theories, data, and equations, you are looking for the “hands-on” experience out in the field.

Morteza Bey

Bey speaks with an Arab accent, favors earth tones, and comes off as a gentle, earthy-crunchy type—not your typical elite infosec hacker persona.