Gavin Gladwell

Gavin was an adolescent when the Fall struck, leaving him an orphaned refugee. Since then, he has grown up and thrived on the fringes of the Planetary Consortium’s hypercorp-based society, making do however he could—which often meant selling himself and/or breaking the law.


Hans is the AGI operating the Kepler station. He is infected with the Chrynalus virus, and the infection progresses over the course of the scenario laid out in Continuity.

Hidden Concern Assassin

The cold deep waters of Ceres hold many secrets. The Hidden Concern maintains a stranglehold on the flow of information there, and you are the instrument by which they tighten their grip. In order to maintain their control, it is sometimes necessary to make certain people disappear for a time or suffer deadly physical trauma to their morph. That’s where you come in.

Hoplite Infantry

HOPLITE (High Offense Piloted Local Insertion Tactical Exoframe) mechanized infantry was ubiq- uitous among many pre-Fall military organizations due to the repower, tactical exibility, and profound impact on enemy these battlesuits provided. During the Fall they were prized as one of the few military hardware units not relying on AI.

Hotshot Pilot

Many uplifted parrots and ravens have found employment as pilots. Their natural bent towards three dimensional thinking and the brain physiology of neo-avian sleeves, which enhance spatial awareness and support instinctive ight capabilities, make them some of the best pilots alive. Watching a wing of neo- avian pilots react to one another’s actions is impres- sive by anyone’s standards.

Human Impersonator

Growing up as a surrogate daughter for a wealthy hypercorp official, you were socialized as if you were a true human, despite being an AGI. Through this veil of safety, you’ve witnessed countless acts of prejudice and blatant racism towards the newest members of the transhuman family.

Hypercorp Black Marketeer

The inner system is a nice place to live, but it has its share of inequalities. Someone has to provide the goods and services that the poor and clanking masses need, and you’re more than will- ing to meet their needs—and make some profit of your own while you’re at it.

Hypercorp First-Contact Specialist

There’s nothing new under this sun, which is why you’ve started looking under others. After two-hundred years, you’ve sampled every gender and race. Now you work with the same hypercorps you once helped build to seek out those things you’ve never had a chance to see before: extraterrestrials. For you, the excitement and novelty of understanding an alien mindset is the ultimate payout.

Hypercorp General Associate

Sometimes the Acquisitions Department needs some extra staff to assist with a collection, or R&D misplaced something. Perhaps a rival hypercorp has gotten wind of Marketing’s new unreleased advertis-meme, or some anarcho-syndicalists are attempting to unionize the workers again. These things can all slow the pace of business, and solutions-oriented people are needed to prevent that.

Identity Thief

Identity thieves take advantage of the fact that people’s looks often change, using the hacked details of people’s lives to impersonate moderately successful individuals, eecing them and otherwise wreaking havoc before moving on. The really good ID thieves go so far as to steal their target’s current looks as well.

Immortal Oligarch

The true leaders of the inner system, immortal oligarchs have been around for well over a century, shepherding their financial empires through the expansion into space and the Fall.

Indentured Infugee

A typical infugee, freshly instantiated into an owned sleeve, is not yet at home in their new time or society, but still retains knowledge, skills, and memories from their earlier life. They may in fact possess highly specialized knowledge or memories that could shed light on mysteries the PCs otherwise might not be able to crack.

Insurgent Reclaimer

Humanity has toppled under its own hubris. Now you and your Islamic family work to re-establish justice, wisdom, and honesty the only place you can: the deserts of Mars. You live in the shadow of Qurain, nomads competing with the TITANs to the south and the hypercorps to the west. But you do survive, and even thrive in territory too hostile for interlopers to pursue you.

Jadeyn Smith

Smith is an overworked, underappreciated man. He knows he doesn’t have the resources to do the job but he’s going to try anyway and make his employers look good even though he knows they take him for granted.

Jane Erdos

Liberated from her hypercorp “parents” during the Fall, Dr. Erdos managed to overcome anti-uplift prejudice and achieve an education and measure of respect as an uplift research scientist within the Consortium. Hired by Provolve, she found herself the unwilling poster child of a PR campaign by the hypercorp to increase their reputation in the uplift community.


The drone formerly known as Ji has been resleeved in the striking ghost morph Tara Yu used to infiltrate the station. Ji generally plays the role of Dexter Vo’s moll, accompanying him everywhere.

Jovian Beat Scientist

You are the front-line against the TITANs 2.0. The solar system is trapped in a positive feedback loop of undirected technological evolution. Only the Republic and a handful of fringe habitats are creating fortifications against the next outbreak, and you man those ramparts.

Jovian Envoy

You’re an envoy in the Jovian diplomatic corps—the smiling face of a polity not otherwise overly concerned with putting its neighbors at ease. You’ve made many connections in the world outside the Republic, building up a network of associates that, while essential to Jovian human intelligence efforts, wouldn’t be well received at home.

Jovian Soldier

Despite their bioconservative views on technology, the Jovian Republic retains some of the most feared military units in the inner system. Disdaining nano- tech and cortical stacks, they focus on superior training and gear. Many of the older troops are veterans who fought the TITANs during the Fall.