Bioconservative Terrorist

Infrequent terror attacks still occur across the solar system, often committed by bioconservative groups dedicated to destroying the “taint” of techno- industrial memes and society.


Blackvein runs an empire of secrets from his roost atop Rajni Towers. There is little that goes on aboard Parvarti that he is not privy to and he also keeps good tabs on both the Planetary Consortium and Morningstar Constellation.


Bodyguards can be found guarding XP stars, the families and current extramarital relations of hypercorp and political figures, and mid- to high-level crime bosses. Thanks to regular backups, they’re more than willing to literally put their lives on the line. Some bodyguards even sleeve into body doubles of those they’re protecting to spring a trap on would-be ego-nappers and assassins.

Brinker Genehacker

Some might consider you a mad scientist, but they simply lack the vision and moral flexibility to understand the meaning of your work. You are not just a scientist—you are an artist, dedicated to defining the shapes and abilities of transhumans as they transition to the posthuman.

Brinker Isolate

Far-flung habitats and outposts are populated by isolates eking out a meager living according to their own rules, religious beliefs, and social conventions. The isolation and hardship they live under forces them to develop survival skills, and such brinkers can be surprisingly tenacious when defending what’s theirs.

Bug Collector

Bug collectors are fascinated with the variety and complexity of nanomachines and nanofabrication and can talk about these topics endlessly. To these boffins, molecular manufacturing is an art form as well as a science, and they take particular pleasure in analyzing new blueprint designs and nanobot concepts—not to mention TITAN nano-relics.

Carbon Reaver Pirate

You make your living by stealing the hard work of others. Usually you wait until an asteroid mining operation has stripped a rock bare and is about to send the cargo off. Then you strike, relieving them of all the valuables without having to go through the trouble of mining it yourself. Who can blame you if they’re careless enough that you can take their stuff?

Cartel Strike Team Member

When a crime lord absolutely, positively, has to be sure that no one makes it out of a confrontation alive, they bring in hired guns like these. Farcasted in from off-world and sleeved into synthetic combat morphs, odds are they’re most dangerous thing on the street.

Covert Ops

Though covert ops agents have many toys at their disposal, they rely on physical capabilities. Given the focus placed on electronic information security to safeguard secrets, there has been a resur- gence of esh-and-blood eld operatives that can bypass physical security to get at people and places directly.

Criminal Enforcer

Enforcers are simply employed thugs. Their skill sets lean towards the violent arts of persuasion, but the experts know how to handle themselves in deli- cate negotiations and social situations or get what they want with the proper menacing look or choice of words rather than drawing weapons.

Criminal Hacker

There's never been a system you couldn't crack, given time. That's what got you put away the first time, but now that you have a second chance you'll never get caught again. You take pride at circumventing firewalls and mesh defenses—nothing surpasses the thrill of digital trespassing and accessing secrets.

Dario Silvestri

Silvestri is a nervous man constantly beset by the paranoid suspicion that the next person he runs into is going to call his debts due. Because of this his eyes are always darting around and he walks with a hunched-over hesitant gait.

Devoted Gladiator

These combat morphs aren’t even clothed before being ushered to Samedi’s gladiator pits. Loaded with AWE-hacked egos, they don’t mind. If ordered to kill, they won’t stop until the enemy of the “executive” is dead or they’ve been obliterated.

Dexter Vo

Vo was the second-ranked boss in the White Khanhs before he became infected with Glory and orchestrated a series of bloody betrayals that eliminated all of the other significant bosses. Vo is one of the few exsurgent White Khanhs retaining a cortical stack and maintaining regular backups.

Dig Ops Specialist

You ended up an indenture following the Fall and spent years working various excavations and civil engineering projects. At first, you were given a lot of terraforming work, but eventually your performance ratings resulted in a long succession of gatecrashing assignments with xenoarcheology teams. Your time as an indenture left you somewhat hard-bitten and cynical.

Direct Action Mercenary

Direct Action sends war machines like you wherever they are needed to perpetuate the image that everything is in control. That could be pacifying a habitat rebellion, making a display of strength to a rival faction, hunting pirates, or handling exhuman pest control.

Doctor Mindfuck

Dr. Boris Simic was a well-off psychosurgeon working for the Serbian government. Specifically employed as a loyalty tester, he gained an incredible amount of insight into the inner thoughts of bureaucrats and career politicos. When TITAN nanoviruses hit Eastern Europe, he was reassigned to help government of cials who had contracted mind-altering infections.

Dora Mendoza

There was a time when you thought of yourself as one of the good guys. That was rather precious.

You started your career in Firewall the way a lot of people do: some crazy person with ambitions to save the universe came up to you after something weird happened and convinced you that it’d be a great idea to help other people for a while. And for a while, you did.

Earth Survivor

You survived the Fall ten years ago, but like so many others, you did not make it in time to a spaceport or egocasting facility to get rescued. You were left behind, struggling for survival in a world turned into an unpredictable wasteland, inhabited by ravaging war machines and nanoswarms.

Ego Killer

On rare occasions, assassins may be tasked to hunt down an AI, infomorph, or fork. In these cases, a killer with a skill set oriented towards hacking is called for. Truly elite ego killers specialize in accessing secure backup services and deleting archived backups.