Barking Dog

Barking Dog is one of the new generation of scum on the flotilla. She joined only three years ago and her ego is only seventeen years old. She was seven when the Fall happened and barely remembers it, some- times getting annoyed at the others around her who dwell on the event and refuse to move on. While she didn’t grow up in the Stars swarm, she was raised on another scum eet in the Jupiter system and finds the Stars scum to be a bit more buttoned down and staid than her home flotilla.

Barking Dog has made quite a reputation for herself with the Dogonauts by using her contacts to score the newest and hottest mind-altering substances from her outer system scum contacts. She often seeks out new faces on the swarm—travelers and tourists— in the hopes of getting them high and hearing their stories. On a couple of occasions, Singh has convinced her to cozy up to outsiders and squeeze information out of them.

GM Notes

Barking Dog seems to have two personality modes. When she’s getting to know someone or trying to get a favor, she is attentive, flirtatious, and sensual. The rest of the time she comes off as a cocky kid who shows little respect to anyone and often seems only to be half paying attention to anyone speaking to her, likely because she is high. While she’ll readily promise to get any substance for anybody, she often forgets and has started to develop a reputation for being flaky.

Dog is sleeved in a sylph morph she managed to score from someone passing through the swarm. While the morph is undoubtedly beautiful, she has gone out of her way to heavily modify it with nanotats, piercings, and outrageously tacky clothing. Her bioweave armor takes the form of iridescent chitinous plates that she tries to display as much of as possible.

15 25 15 20 25 10 15 3
7 1 6 30 60 7 35 53
  • Melee Unarmed strike (10) DV 1d10 + SOM/10