Amrita Shah

The younger sister of one of the HAL strikers, Amrita found her way to the swarm when her parents did not survive the Fall. A rebellious kid with a knack for computers, she has grown to become a skilled infosec specialist and programmer. Along with a few other hackers in the swarm, she has been involved in various Decepticon (p. 46, Panopticon) projects that aim to seed mesh networks around the inner system with false data.

Through the Decepticon network, Amrita was recruited into Firewall two years ago. Her skills were needed to help cover the tracks of a sentinel team active on Venus. During this time she learned about a potential TITAN threat that lingered in the Venusian cloud layer and has over time been brought up to speed on other affairs, like the exsurgent virus and the existence of asyncs. She combines her extracurricular activities, seeding data via the Decepticons in a way that helps to conceal the existence of things that Firewall would prefer to remain unknown to the public.

Hacking is not Amrita’s only specialty: she also sidelines as a porn XP star and producer. Her attractive four-armed bouncer morph is a common sight in the many porn sims and playback recordings the swarm produces. She peddles the XP she produces around the inner system, using it as currency and bribes to support her hacktivism endeavors.

GM Notes

Amrita is young and excitable. She is really engaged in her work with the Decepticons, making it a point to spread disinformation at every habitat the swarm visits. The porn biz is more her recreational activity than a side gig—something she enjoys doing and which just happens to support her other projects. She is unsure what to make of Firewall. Though she gets the importance of it, the scope of the secrets and x-risks sometimes exceed her ability to process and comprehend.

Amrita’s bouncer has an ethnic Indian look with an extra set of arms (cybernetic but masked). Most of her body is covered with intricate mehndi-style nanotattoos.

15 15 20 15 20 15 20 4
7 1 8 40 80 7 35 53
  • Melee Unarmed strike (15) DV 1d10 + SOM/10