Twelve Commons

These twin small, icy moonlets share virtually the same path around Saturn, orbiting within 50 kilometers of each other. Set between the F and G Rings, the moonlets form the center of Twelve Commons, a neighborhood of small and mid-size habitats arranged in a flat cloud about 20,000 kilometers in radius. About six million people live in Twelve Commons. Habitats in Twelve Commons range in size from Dang Fish Echo, a tin can hab housing about 60 eccentric aquaculturists, to Janus Common, a beehive occupying much of Janus with a population of 900,000. Some of the habitats in Twelve Commons feature very unusual designs, such as Nguyen’s Compact (population 80,000), a variant Cole habitat in the G ring where an asteroid was heated and large amounts of steam were blown through it to produce a series of interconnected bubbles between five and three hundred meters in diameter. In effect, the interior of the colony is like a solidi ed foam or Swiss cheese with no obvious up or down. Without an ecto or basic implant to provide location and navigation infor- mation, navigating through this maze-like habitat would be exceedingly difficult.

The habitats of Twelve Commons organize themselves primarily along open-source anarcho-syndicalist lines, with work groups and research pods acting as the basic political unit.