Set near the equator amid the rolling ice hills of the Xanadu region, Nyhavn (population 12 million) is the largest city in the outer system and the capital of the Titanian Commonwealth. Nyhavn’s massive central dome, with its elegant blue towers and bioengineered parklands, rivals New Shanghai in size and ambition. Three surrounding domes and a sprawl of subsidiary structures are connected by high-clearance flyways, where ground vehicles and microlights form a steady stream of traffic at all hours. At the same time, the squalid blandness that prevails in the Martian suburbs and outlying souks is absent; the dwellings and neighborhoods of the Titanian working class display a riot of color and design, empowered by public fabricators limited by none of the enforced scarcity of Martian economics. For all its idealism, the Plurality is not immune to a desire to showcase its achievements.

Outside the city is a pipeline leading from the vast Tyska Lacus, 100 kilometers distant. Commonwealth Skyport, Titan’s principal spaceport, offers quick access to Commonwealth Hub, the Titan system’s long-haul space dock, located in geostationary orbit above the city. The surrounding countryside is dotted with smaller settlements connected to Nyhavn by trains and a well-developed network of surface roads.

Nyhavn is a major media center, with daily life closely attentive to the debates and decisions of the Plurality. At the same time, it is a cosmopolitan place, where Titan’s microcorp movers rub shoulders with visiting anarchist traders and (less commonly) legations from the inner system. There is an active underworld, despite the efforts of security forces, with the local St. Catherine Tong engaged in continual low-intensity warfare with triads from throughout the system.