The glistening white surface of Haumea is marred by a massive red crater, the site of an ancient collision which sent the planetoid into a dizzying four-hour rotation. Bloody gouges around the interior of the crater mark a small mining camp. The camp is the home base of the Măfēng gang, a group of miners, pirates, and full-time opportunists. Măfēng scratches out a meek living from the rock, but its main interest lies in brutal raids against anyone unlucky enough to get close. In support of their operations, Măfēng has set up sensor stations and defensive batteries on both of Haumea’s moonlets.

The dwarf planet’s eccentric orbit, rotation, lack of reported mineral wealth, and presence of aggressive pirates has made it commercially unappetizing. It is rumored that Haumea is the location of the closely guarded argonaut stronghold, Markov, though the presence of the Măfēng gang makes inquiries difficult, and similar rumors of other KBOs have proven false.