Pax Familae

Though similar to the Night Cartel in that Pax Familae holds legal of ces and outposts in several habitats while working underground in others, the difference between the two syndicates couldn’t be bigger. The entire Pax Familae organization goes back to one person, Claudia Ambelina, the syndicate’s founder and matriarch. Relying excessively on cloning and forking technologies, each individual member of the syndicate is a descendant or variant of Claudia. Biomorphs are cloned from Claudia’s original genetics or sexually produced offspring (thanks to sex-switching biomods), while egos are forks. All members are utterly loyal to Claudia (since they all are Claudia) and show their family af liation with pride and arrogance. Individually, each remains slightly but notably different, though all are calculating and ambitious. Regular reassimilation of forks and XP updates are used to keep each variant aware of each of the other’s activities—once you’ve met one version of Claudia, the others will know you.

Pax Familae engages in a wide assortment of legal, dubious, and illegal operations, each tailored to the needs of the particular habitat in question. Common projects include venture capital manipulation, reputation network gaming, nancial consultation, info brokerage, stock manipulation, banking fraud, and loan sharking.