More than any other faction, exhumans seek to take the capabilities of self-modi cation to the absolute limit and become posthuman. Typical exhumans see the Fall as either a missed evolutionary opportunity and/or as an example of transhumanity’s inferiority and unworthiness. Though specific ideologies differ between exhuman packs, as a whole they seek to selfevolve to a more advanced state of being. To some, this means genetically transforming themselves into a top-of-the-food-chain, super-smart, survive-anywhere predator that can out-compete all other life forms for dominance. To others, it means bootstrapping their intelligence to the levels of the TITANs through extensive genetic modi cations and pharmaceutical treatments or going infomorph and modifying their programming. A few are singularity seekers, hoping to nd some TITAN relic that will allow them to transcend their current transhuman limitations, or even to nd the TITANs themselves and be absorbed into their super-consciousness.

Exhumans are universally mistrusted by many, and for good reason. Typical exhumans engage in modications that are extreme and untested, sometimes fringe science at best, often resulting in horrible failures and disfigurement, but more commonly driving the subject insane—or into a completely alien or feral mindset. Though individual exhumans pursue their own paths, they are known to band together in the Kuiper Belt and other remote areas. Several packs of exhumans have taken their loathing for inferior transhumanity to an extreme, declaring war on their former species and launching brutal raids and pirate attacks on isolated outposts.