Xenosamplers are AI-piloted drones send out by an unknown alien species to explore exoplanets via the Pandora gate network, collect samples of alien life, and return home. For reasons unknown, these xenosamplers are unable to find their way back. Perhaps the gate connections no longer work, perhaps they were damaged or lost their memories, or perhaps the civilization that created them no longer exists.

Xenosamplers are maneuverable thrust-vector flyers, often ranging considerably far from the nearest Pandora gate in search of life. They use a variety of tools to observe and take samples, up to and including stunning creatures with an electro-laser. Some have been known to set non-lethal traps to capture subjects for sampling and study.

Xenosamplers are not particularly hostile—they simply wish to gather their samples and move on. They are wary around sapient life. If presented with overwhelming firepower or hostility, they will flee.

Though xenosamplers sometimes work in small groups, they are typically found alone. Firewall is not yet aware of xenosamplers, though there has been at least one hostile encounter between xenosamplers and hypercorp gatecrashing teams.

Xenosamplers may be incredibly old, damaged, and/or malfunctioning. They may carry large xenoflora and -fauna sample payloads, some still alive and/or dangerous.

  • Critter Control Pole: With an MoS of 30+, target is snared around neck. Attempts to move will result in DV 1d10 ÷ 2 (round down, armor does not protect) and asphyxiation (p. 194, EP).