Wild Artificial Loper

The booming hacker lab culture on Mars inspires experimentation with robotic shells and non-standard, low-level AIs. The AIs range from animal mind imprints and “uplifted” complex systems
to non-human mindsets and the artistic, weird, and at-out bizarre. Some projects lead to interesting
results and even breakthroughs in ALI development; many more are hindered by improper program-
ming and a lack of understanding of non-human mind-state implementation; quite a few are simply disasters.

A significant number of these experiments escape, are abandoned, or are intentionally set free. A booming population of wild artificials now haunts the Martian wilderness and dome-city back alleys. These feral bots form animal-like packs, claim territory, and even hunt and compete with Martian wildlife or other wild bots. On occasion, they sabotage machinery or attack transhumans.

  • Ranged Freeze-Foam Glob (40) Subdual
  • Melee Pinning Leap (50) DV 3d10 + 1 + SOM/10 + Subdual
  • Melee Pneumatic Bite (50) DV 3d10 + 1 + SOM/10
  • Freeze-Foam Glob: Target must make a REF x 3 Test or be incapacitated in quick-hardening foam (Armor 10/Durability 20) for 12 hours.
  • Pinning Leap: If loper moved at least 5 meters before attack and MoS exceeds target’s Durability, the target is knocked down and pinned (Subdual, p. 204, EP).
  • Caltrop Variant: Deploys caltrops over a 5-meter radius. Characters or wheeled vehicles/bots that move through the area without spotting the caltrops (Perception Test at −30) suffer DV 1d10 + 3 (armor does not protect); vehicles must must a Pilot Test or crash.
  • Smuggler Variant: Chameleon Skin, Hidden Compartment, Thermal Dampening