Wild Artificial Collector

Collectors are small, fast, agile, and cat-sized bots programmed with animal behavioralisms for scavenging and hoarding. Enough of these have been found in the streets of Elysium that it seems likely that someone is manufacturing them and intentionally setting them free. Collectors scurry about on spider-like legs with grip pads across any available surface, collecting any small objects that strike their interest. They seem to have a fondness for shiny electronics and other powered items, and more than one Martian has set down an item only to have a collector snatch it up and make off with it before they can be stopped. Collectors hoard the items they scavenge in rat-like warrens they presumably scrape out themselves. They have been known to attack transhumans when cornered or prevented from taking something they really like. Their forelimbs have painful pincers for grabbing and retractable blades with which they can cut.

  • Melee Blades (40) DV 1d10 + 2 + SOM/10 -1AP