These creatures have barrel-shaped torsos about one meter long. From the bottom, they skitter around on an irregular splay of dozens of vaguely arachnid legs. From the top, a mass of 3-meter long, whipping tentacles protrudes. The textured ones coated in sticky mucus are used for grabbing and holding (either victims or tools). The other two tentacles quickly narrow into sharp blades made of hardened bone. Their constant ailing in 360-degree arcs slices through an unarmored transhuman with ease.

Whippers are the result of biomorphs transformed by a biological strain of the xenomorph virus, though TITAN machines and other exsurgent have also been known to mass-produce whippers from corrupted healing vats. Their lack of armor and small stature means they ambush victims in large numbers and avoid open conflict with armed foes whenever possible. Whippers were primarily used in the Fall against evacuating transhuman civilians. Dozens of whippers would herd and contain fleeing refugees, driving panicked crowds closer and closer together until the tentacle whips could eviscerate multiple targets in a single swipe.

Whippers are sometimes known to use tools and weapons. Several variations have also been spotted, including more heavily armored ones deployed in vacuum.

  • Melee Tentacle Grab (45) Subdual
  • Melee Tentacle Whip (45) DV 2d10 + 1 + SOM/10 -1AP
  • Tentacle Grab: If MoS exceeds target’s Durability, they are subdued (see Subdual, p. 204, EP).
  • Undersea Variant: Add Swimming 40, Echolocation, Eelware, Gills, Hydrostatic Pressure Adaptation, Temperature Tolerance (Cryonic)
  • Armored Variant: Add Carapace Armor (12/10), Medichines, Oxygen Reserve, Radiation Tolerance, Temperature Tolerance, Vacuum Sealing