Creepers are amorphous clouds of small, black bubbles that spread across and destroy nearly everything they touch, converting all matter into additional creeper mass. Even under enhanced vision and multiple wavelengths, creepers appear out-of-focus and ill-defined due a visual refraction effect. Firewall operates under the theory that creepers are autonomous femtobot swarms, designed by the TITANs as an area-denial weapon and programmed to disassemble everything at the atomic level. Like TITAN nanoswarms, creepers have the capability to manufacture materials and items, including weapons, gases, and mechanical traps, but because they work at an even smaller level they can temporarily create advanced materials with superconducting, supercomputing, superdense, or even invisible properties, among others. These materials are theorized to be constructed from degenerate matter or strange matter fluids, somehow kept stable at standard gravities. Creeper temperatures remain at about 45 C regardless of activity.

Though creeper clouds move slowly, crawling or floating, they sometimes construct mobility systems enabling faster movement. They can penetrate almost any material in a short amount of time, interface with electronics and implants, and convert a standard morph in a matter of minutes. They can transform into a strange matter mass that has a repulsive effect on normal matter, either as a swift attack or a sustained effect to keep hostile elements at bay. Creepers are known to act with intelligence and purpose, establishing traps and adapting to threats. It is suspected that the TITANs used them for facility manufacturing, infiltration, and command-and-control purposes.

Unlike other exsurgents, creepers are not created via infection, but by transmutation through contact with an existing creeper swarm. Can be invisible, like a nanoswarm, or materialize forms with refractive metamaterials, like an invisibility cloak. Assume they have any skill they need at 40+.

  • Melee Subdual (50) Subdual
  • Melee Convert Matter (50) DV 1d10 + SOM/10
  • Melee Repulsion Wave (50) DV 3d10
  • Subdual: Subdued targets are penetrated and converted on next action.
  • Convert Matter: DV 1d10 per Action Turn to touched/penetrated targets. Damage inflicted increases creeper's DUR.
  • Repulsion Wave: No defense, 30 meter radius effect, kinetic armor applies. All physical things pushed back 1d10 meters, SOM x 3 Test or knocked down.
  • Femtoswarm: Creepers follow the rules for femtoswarms (p. 170). Stats given are for a standard swarm unit, not individual femtobots.
  • Invisibility: Can be invisible, like a nanoswarm, or materialize forms with refractive metamaterials, like an invisibility cloak (p. 316, EP).