Async Flesh Party

Some flesh parties are infected with the Watts-MacLeod virus, the contamination spreading across the entire organic network. These are literal psychic landscapes, inflicting powerful sleights on anyone unlucky enough to run across them.

  • Psi Psychic Stab w/ Psychic Rend DV 1d10 + WIL/10, ignores armor
  • Melee Bite (40) DV 2d10 + 5 + SOM/10 -3AP
  • Melee Acid Spit (40) DV 1d10 + 5 + SOM/10
  • Melee Bone Spur (40) DV 1d10 + 4 + SOM/10 -2AP
  • Bite: Medium and smaller targets are swallowed whole with an MoS of 30+. Engulfed victims suffer the effects of acid spit (below) until freed or dead and cannot see, hear, or breathe (see Asphyxiation, p. 194, EP).
  • Acid Spit: DV 1d10 + 5 per turn for 3 Action Turns. Armor defends but is decreased by the damage.
  • Exsurgent Infection: Flesh parties exude the exsurgent nanovirus. Treat it as a nanoplague (p. 172) with dermal, inhalation, and injection vectors and an Infection Rating of 40.
  • Wound Invulnerability: Flesh parties are immune to wound effects.
  • Regeneration: Flesh parties regenerate 1d10 damage per hour.