Morph and Ego Traits

Traits include a range of inherent qualities and features that help define your character. Some traits are positive, in that they give your character a bonus to certain stats, skills, or tests, or otherwise give them an edge in certain situations. Others are negative, in that they impair your abilities or occasionally create a glitch in your plans. Some traits apply to a character’s ego, staying with them from body to body, while others only apply to a character’s morph.

Traits are purchased during character generation. Positive traits cost customization points (CP), while negative traits give you extra CP to spend on other things (see Traits, p. 145). The maximum number of CP you may spend on traits is 50, while the maximum you may gain from negative traits is 50. In rare circumstances—and only with gamemaster approval— traits may be purchased, bought off, or inflicted during gameplay (see Gaining/Losing Traits, p. 153).

Cost Title Applies To
10 Intuitive Cracker (Level 1) Ego
20 Intuitive Cracker (Level 2) Ego
15 Killer Instinct Ego
-10 Lacks Manipulators Morph
0 Large Size Morph
-10 Lemon Morph
10 Limber (Level 1) Morph
20 Limber (Level 2) Morph
-5 Lost Fork Ego
-10 Low Gravity Adaptation Morph
-20 Low Pain Tolerance Ego & Morph
10 Machine Intuition Ego
10 Malleable Mind (Level 1) Ego
20 Malleable Mind (Level 2) Ego
30 Malleable Mind (Level 3) Ego
10 Math Wiz Ego
-5 Memory Artifact Morph
-10 Mental Disorder Ego
-5 Mild Allergy Morph
10 Military Intelligence Ego
10 Military Rank (Level 1) Ego
20 Military Rank (Level 2) Ego
30 Military Rank (Level 3) Ego
30 Minion/Partner Ego
-5 Modified Behavior (Level 1) Ego
-10 Modified Behavior (Level 2) Ego
-15 Modified Behavior (Level 3) Ego
10 Morph Fever Resistance Ego
-10 Morphing Disorder (Level 1) Ego
-20 Morphing Disorder (Level 2) Ego
-30 Morphing Disorder (Level 3) Ego
10 Murder Simulator Addict Ego
10 Natural Immunity Morph
-10 Neural Damage Ego
-5 Neurochemical Imbalance Morph
-15 No Cortical Stack Morph
0 Non-Human Biochemistry Morph
0 Non-Mammalian Biochemistry Morph
-10 Not a Team Player Ego
-10 Oblivious Ego
-10 On the Run Ego
-10 Overwhelmed By Emotions Ego
10 Pain Tolerance (Level 1) Ego & Morph
20 Pain Tolerance (Level 2) Ego & Morph
30 Patron Ego
15 Personal Connection Ego
-10 Personality Artifact Morph
-10 Phobia Disorder Ego
10 Phoenix (Level 1) Ego
20 Phoenix (Level 2) Ego