Small Size

The morph is significantly smaller than a normal transhuman, roughly child-sized. The character counts as a small target in combat; apply a −10 modifier to attacks against the character. Standard-size opponents have a reach advantage against the character and large and very large opponents will have double this advantage. The character may also, at the gamemaster's discretion, suffer a −20 modifier when handling medium-sized gear or two-handed weapons that have not been modified for their size. They may also have difficulty with armor, gear, and so on manufactured for larger morphs. Small morphs have an aptitude maximum for SOM of 25. This trait applies to morphs that are inherently small. To apply it to existing morphs with a larger baseline, use the Reduced Size trait (p. 93). The following existing morphs are considered to have the Small Size trait: dragonfly, flexbot modules, hypergibbon, kite, neo-avian, neotenic, scurrier, spare. The following existing bots/vehicles are considered to have the Small Size trait: bughunter, caretaker, creepy, explorenaut, gnat, manipulator cuff, saucer, spider hand, thumper. The following existing smart animals are considered to have the Small Size trait: aquarium pet, guard dog, police baboon, rust hound, smart cat/dog/hawk/monkey/racoon/rat/wolf, space roach, squidling, swarm cat.