Non-Human Biochemistry

Biomorphs (including pods) with this trait are developed from non-human (but still mammalian) species or have been genetically modified enough that they are substantially different from humans. Though they are often medically similar to humans, there may be notable differences, and certain common drugs and medical treatments may not work on the morph or may have drastically different results. Though most non-human morphs are developed without allergies, some are occasionally overlooked. Common augmentations may not be available for this morph or may need extra time to prepare. Medicine: Uplift or Medicine: Exotic Biomorph is used to medically treat these morphs. Apply a −10 modifier to any other Medicine skills used to heal or augment the morph; gamemasters should also feel free to increase this modifier to −20 or −30 and/or adjust the timeframe based on the character's condition and resources available to the medical staff. Non-anthropomorphic morphs with this trait count as exotic and inflict −30 modifiers to Alienation and Integration Tests (p. 272, EP). This trait is only available to morphs created from non-human biochemistries.