Large Size

The morph is significantly larger than a normal transhuman, which has its advantages and disadvantages. The character counts as a large target in combat, granting all enemies a +10 bonus on attack rolls against the character. Their mass works against them; double the damage from falling or collisions after armor is applied. The character gains the reach advantage (p. 204, EP) against standard-size targets (double this against small targets) and can also wield two-handed weapons in one hand without penalty. At the gamemaster's discretion, the character may suffer a −20 modifier when handling small items, assuming they come equipped with no fine manipulators. Naturally, they may also have difficulty with armor, clothing, and other gear manufactured for smaller morphs, as well as the cramped confines of many habitats. This trait applies to morphs that are inherently large. To apply it to existing morphs with a smaller baseline, use the Enlarged Size trait (p. 83).