Botched Merge

In the past, the character suffered a serious complication during an attempt to merge a fork that caused irreparable damage to their ego map, leaving them with a weaker grip on their memories and own identity. For some reason-perhaps due to irreproducible memories or information that would otherwise be lost, moral conviction, or the lack of any prior backup states to re-instance-the decision was made to carry on with a damaged mind. Now, high-stress situations can cause periods of dissociation, amnesia, and body alienation. Whenever the character takes stress damage, they must succeed on an INT x 3 Test or immediately enter a dissociative state where they feel disconnected from their body, lose some awareness of the events around them, and/ or forget certain information, memories, or skills. In this state they suffer a −10 penalty on all tests. The dissociative state persists for one minute or for the duration of a derangement if one is acquired due to trauma.