Bad Luck

Due to some inexplicable cosmic coincidence, things seem to go wrong around the character. The gamemaster is given a pool of Moxie points equal to the character's Moxie stat, which also refreshes at the same rate as the character's Moxie. Only the gamemaster may utilize this Moxie, however, and the purpose is to use it against the character. In other words, the gamemaster can use this bad Moxie to cause the character to automatically fail, flip-flop a roll, and so on. To reflect the black cloud that follows the character, the gamemaster can even use this bad Moxie against the character's friends and allies, when they are doing something with or related to the character, though this should be used sparingly. Gamemasters who might be reluctant to sabotage the character should remember that the player asked for it by purchasing this trait.