Learned Skills

Learned skills encompass a wide range of specialties and education, from combat training to negotiating to astrophysics (see Skill List, p. 176, for a complete list). Learned skills range in rating from 1 to 99, with an average proficiency being 50. Each learned skill is linked to an aptitude, which represents the underlying competency in which the skill is based. When a learned skill is purchased (either during character generation or advancement), it is bought starting at the rating of the linked aptitude and then raised from there. If the linked aptitude is raised or modi ed, all skills built off it are modi ed appropriately as well.

Depending on your background and faction, you may receive some starting skills for free during character creation. Like aptitudes, learned skills stay with the character even when they change morphs, though certain morphs, implants, and other factors may sometimes modify your skill rating. If you lack a particular skill called for by a test, in most cases you can default to the linked aptitude for the test (see Defaulting: Untrained Skill Use, p. 116).

Specializations represent an area of concentration and focus in a particular learned skill. A character who learns a specialization is one who not only grasps the basic tenets of that skill, but has trained hard to excel in one particular aspect of that skill’s field. Specializations apply a +10 modifier when the character utilizes that skill in the area of specialization.

Title Category Linked Ability
Unarmed Combat Combat Somatics
Throwing Weapons Combat Coordination
Swimming Physical Somatics
Spray Weapons Combat Coordination
Sense Psi Intuition (No Defaulting)
Seeker Weapons Combat Coordination
Scrounging Mental Intuition
Research Technical Cognition
Psychosurgery Technical Intuition
Psi Assault Psi Willpower (No Defaulting)
Protocol Social Savvy
Programming Technical Cognition (No Defaulting)
Profession [Field] Knowledge Cognition
Pilot [Field] Vehicle Reflexes
Persuasion Social Savvy
Perception Mental Intuition
Palming Physical Coordination
Networking [Field] Social Savvy
Navigation Mental Intuition
Native Language [Field] Knowledge Intuition
Medicine [Field] Technical Cognition
Language [Field] Knowledge Intuition
Kinetic Weapons Combat Coordination
Kinesics Social Savvy
Investigation Mental Intuition
Intimidation Social Savvy
Interfacing Technical Cognition
Interest [Field] Knowledge Cognition
Infosec Technical Cognition (No Defaulting)
Infiltration Physical Coordination
Impersonation Social Savvy
Hardware [Field] Technical Cognition
Gunnery Combat Intuition
Freerunning Physical Somatics
Free Fall Physical Reflexes
Fray Combat Reflexes
Flight Physical Somatics
Exotic Ranged Weapon [Field] Combat Coordination
Exotic Melee Weapon [Field] Combat Somatics
Exotic Language [Field] Knowledge Intuition
Disguise Physical Intuition
Demolitions Technical Cognition (No Defaulting)
Deception Social Savvy
Control Psi Willpower (No Defaulting)
Clubs Combat Somatics
Climbing Physical Somatics
Blades Combat Somatics
Beam Weapons Combat Coordination
Art [Field] Knowledge Intuition
Animal Handling Social Savvy
Academics [Field] Knowledge Cognition