Psi-opener drugs are variants of the Watts-MacLeod strain with a temporary effect and which do not permanently alter the user's brain. Psi-opener temporarily imbues the user with the ability to use one particular sleight, regardless of whether or not they have the Psi trait. Each type of Psi-opener is customized for a particular sleight. While primarily intended for non-asyncs, non-asyncs may not possess Psi skills, so they must default to WIL. For this reason, Psi-Opener is often doubled up with Psike-out. Using Psi-opener is a mind-wrenching experience. Users are occasionally subject to hallucinations (gamemaster discretion). When the drug wears off, it inflicts 1d10 points of mental stress, +2 if the drug imbues a psi-gamma sleight.