A couple of small but critical improvements are now in place. First, “contributor” and “gm” accounts can be created, and they have permission to create their own crazy content here on the site. Material that isn’t flagged as belonging to one of the canon books won’t show up in the gear catalog, but each user on the site will have their own home page with a catalog of the content they’ve created — NPCs, custom gear, unique creatures, etc.

In addition, custom content can be associated with an existing campaign, so GMs can load up their NPCs, terrifying Exsurgent strains, custom Factions, and so on. For the paranoid GMs, that content can also be marked as “GM Only.” When that flag is set, only other logged in users with GM accounts will be able to see them. It’s a way to store and share your home-brew stuff without accidentally spilling the beans to your players.

Finally, it’s also possible to create “Inspiration” posts that link to resources on movies, books, games, and other web sites that have interesting material related to Eclipse Phase. Custom content (NPCs, Gear, Creatures, you know the drill…) can also be associated with Inspiration posts, so it’s now possible to build.a dedicated page for your scrupulously maintained list of Yu-Gi-Oh themed NPCs.

With most of the gear catalog in place, Exsurgent virus strains now documented, NPCs and PCs humming along fairly smoothly, and campaigns and inspiration looking sort-of-presentable… What’s next? Kicking the tires on custom user accounts, and hunting down beta testers who’d be interested in trying out the site for their own games, or to host their NPCs and home-brew equipment collections. Any volunteers?