Cleaner look, more fluff

After a longer-than-usual period of silence, the latest round of updates is in! This week’s rev includes the final batch of NPCs from Firewall, Sunward, and Mind The WMDs — as well as images of every morph and most NPCs. Gear browsing has received a few minor tweaks as well, but no one cares at this point.

Custom Campaigns now display their associated players as well as any homebrew gear and fluff that’s been associated with them. For the terminally lazy GM each campaign can now spit out a randomized combat initiative list for all of its associated PCs, as well as a table of skills and common checks values for all PCs. Finally, a new “Inspiration” content type can be used to group together a bunch of homebrew NPCs, factions, etc that share a common origin. Don’t tell anyone, but that feature is why I built the whole site: Eldrich Host is just a giant, over-engineered place to post NPCs from my favorite Kdrama.