Alice Chu

Alice Chu was one of the founding members of the Eat-Drink-Fuck collective that aided the HAL strikers. Before the Fall, Alice was part of one of the most wanted anarchist cells in China. She spent several years in prison under horrific conditions before being liberated during the conflicts that preceded the Fall. While many of the other old collective members have moved on to pursue other interests, Alice has remained with EDF and the swarm. Along with Singh and Andropov, she has become a respected voice of wisdom in the fleet. She is often delegated the responsibility of dealing with outside authorities on behalf of the fleet—primarily because she is one of the few EDF members who can talk to hypercorp and socialite elites at length without totally losing her shit.

GM Notes

Despite often being placed in a spokes-person/delegate role, Alice is very concerned about being perceived as a leader. She takes care not to act in any way that hasn’t been authorized by a collective or swarm decision. Given her prominent stature, she tends to excuse herself from much of the EDF’s anti-Consortium subversive activities for better deniability. Her primary concern is the health and safety of the fleet—she is acutely aware of the various threats to the swarm, both internal and external. Alice still occasionally suffers PTSD from her time in prison, though she is quite adept at hiding this from prying eyes.

Chu’s bouncer is a genetically modified version of her original body with strong ethnic Han features, close-cropped straight black hair, and a small frame made for navigating narrow corridors. She frequently uses and waves her tail about when talking with non-scum in an attempt to unsettle them.

15 15 20 20 15 15 20 2
8 1 8 40 80
  • Melee Unarmed strike (55) DV 1d10 + SOM/10