One of two major strongholds of the ultimates, Xiphos is a Hamilton cylinder orbiting in the Uranian ring system. Though most of the tech underlying Hamilton cylinders is open source, the station’s frighteningly efficient weapon systems are not. Rumor has it the ultimates traded some major favors to Gorgon Defense Systems in the process of building this station. Where Aspis, the ultimates’ inner system habitat, is a relatively open place, used by the ultimates for contact with potential mercenary clients, Xiphos is off limits to anyone not of this faction. The rumored population of ultimates here is only about 10,000, but the ultimates purchase a large number of infomorph indentures from Mars. Although there are no reports of any of these indentures returning, rumor has it that the ultimates download indentures serving in sensitive areas into zeroes—deaf, visually limited flats with no mesh implants and limited mental capacity.