Led by legendary Chinese dissident poet Hao Lin Ngai, Harmonious Anarchy broke from the Fa Jing cartel during the tumultuous years prior to the Fall. Hao sought to create a society in the spirit of the ancient Taoist state of Great Perfection that existed in Szechuan 1,700 years earlier—with considerable updates from modern thought. Harmonious Anarchy is an Extropian mutualist society heavily involved in software engineering, logistics, and relocation of metallic asteroids to the outer system. Most of Mimas is a very low-g beehive arranged into Black, Red, Yellow, Green, and White neighborhoods, based on the ve classical directions of Chinese mythology. Each color boasts an ornate central cavern, with extended families living in radiating subwarrens. While adhering to mutalist economic principles, Harmonious Anarchy simultaneously takes a traditional Chinese approach to social organization, with family at its core.