Rich in organic compounds, Enceladus is a biochemist’s playground. Profunda (population 850,000) is the major settlement, a beehive dug into the moon’s surface capped by domed parks and clusters of sleek, translucent minarets—well protected from collisions by an aggressive satellite defense network. The lower levels, stretching deep into Enceladus’s icy silicate mantle, include a prospecting operation that extracts carbonaceous soils in search of exotic compounds. Another deep section has been converted into a kilometers-wide, reactor-heated primor- dial sea, part of a long-term experiment into the origins of life supported jointly by Titanian academics and a collective of Enceladian biochemists.

Profunda is run along anarcho-capitalist lines. Thanks to the rich supply of organic chemicals, its upper reaches are home to many of the outer system’s best-known morph designers. The Enceladian Glitter Bloc is said to have as much influence over body styles as the Lunar fashion houses do over what people wear.