Whiskey Station

Whiskey is one of the last outposts of frontier capitalism. Residents say it is the farthest civilized station in the system, though both claims are questionable. Lax governance has grown industries around the making and loss of quick money. The runt habitat is crammed to the coil guns with polyglot marketplaces, back rooms, and the stink of poorly maintained morphs. Visitors know it for poker, prostitutes, and the privacy to enjoy both at the old Earth-style saloon, Terminal.

A score of hypercorps benefit from the relative peace and accessibility offered by the station, maintaining offices there. Whiskey is also a major node in Firewall, known to house several proxies and much of Firewall’s local intelligence-gathering capabilities.

The habitat is surrounded by a cloud of free-floating gun batteries. Clusters of heavy communication equipment are stationed ten kilometers off either end of the habitat. Whiskey is maintained by an anonymous executive council, which works to enforce the habitat’s independence. The Intelligent Design Crew and the locally grown Boulanger Family compete for dominance in the local markets. The executive council does not interfere with the conflict as long as collateral damage is kept to a minimum.