Whiskey II, Electric Boogaloo

This habitat is a campaign-specific fork of the Whiskey Station habitat as described in Rimward. Feel free to build on it, but don't assume it's canon.

Whiskey is one of the last outposts of frontier capitalism. Residents say it is the farthest civilized station in the system, though both claims are questionable. Lax governance has grown industries around the making and loss of quick money. The runt habitat is crammed to the coil guns with polyglot marketplaces, back rooms, and the stink of poorly maintained morphs. Visitors know it for poker, prostitutes, and the privacy to enjoy both at the old Earth-style saloon, Terminal.

A score of hypercorps benefit from the relative peace and accessibility offered by the station, maintaining offices there. Whiskey is also a major node in Firewall, known to house several proxies and much of Firewall’s local intelligence-gathering capabilities.

The habitat is surrounded by a cloud of free-floating gun batteries. Clusters of heavy communication equipment are stationed ten kilometers off either end of the habitat. Whiskey is maintained by an anonymous executive council, which works to enforce the habitat’s independence. The Intelligent Design Crew and Anthony Gillotti's Night Cartel reps compete for dominance in the local markets. The executive council does not interfere with the conflict as long as collateral damage is kept to a minimum.

The Hub

Docks - Most ships drift around Whiskey at a safe distance of 4-5 kilometers and pop over via sleds or small shuttles, but some are willing to pay for actual docking space inside of the hub itself. Fast couriers are about as big as the hub can hold, and it's expensive for anything more than a couple of hours, but it's often the safest way to move contraband without risking a handoff in space.

The hub proper — The Zero-G center of the station. Physical arrivals from the hubs, small ship repair and maintenance work, large-scale fabbers are available rental. Lots of fast-turnaround trades happen here, and a handful of bars are good places to find workers. The main lift level is where the elevators from the outer rings dump off; it's a madhouse.

Open Market

Bazaar. Crazy downtown Tokyo shit. Dorian's, an XP recording studio and exotic morph shop, is here. Rumor has it the back room has… an interesting mix of specialty bodies.


Corporate / Planetary Consortium neighborhood, in the inner ring from A2-B3 including the B3 Tower. Mostly leased facilities owned by well-to-do locals and suspected committee members, though several corporations are working to acquire actual ownership of portions of Whiskey. Whiskey is the last wispy tendril of order, and there's a strong security presence for most of the corps here. They have limited control, though, and have to defer to the committee for anything major beyond property defense. Anthony's Shop is here.


Higher quality residential accomodations—mostly biomorphs and the upper crust, includes two walkable parks that have been constructed from the O2 recycling and hydroponics infrastructure. Biomorphs who want to make a splash find rooms here, and it's a popular place to soak gatecrashers who made a big score and have credits burning a hole in their pockets. The Theater is here, as well as Anthony's Apartment.

Crasher's Row

Outer ring. Bars, hole-in-the-wall darknet facilities, gear shops and more. It has a reputation as the place for gatecrashing teams and last-stop Oort Cloud crews to have a last fling or get find like-minded mercs. Cairo is here.

The Pit

Outer ring, A6-B6. Mostly station infrastructure, recycling facilities, and lots of shitty living quarters. Quite a few synths make their home here because their physical needs are... less demanding. The Warehouse is here.

Important Networks

  • Public Mesh (public information, gaming, etc)
  • Bazaar (craigslist on crack, tightly linked to night market)
  • The Committee (Private station infrastructure)
    • Recycling & Life Support
    • Internal Security Feeds
    • Habitat Hosting
    • Point Defense (airgapped, housed in B4 Tower)
    • Restricted Comm Array
  • Most criminal enterprises, hypercorps, etc run their own VPNs as well.