Season Of The Goat

As scum swarms go, Season Of The Goat is a young upstart. Founded in AF 09, when Barking Dog had a falling out with the leaders of the illustrious Stars Our Destination swarm in the Inner Belt. Barking Dog and several of her closest hangers-ons took their still-considerable rep and booked it to the edge of the Kuiper Belt. There, they secured a few heavy haulers, declared theselves a swarm, and marked out a drifting course through the assorted habitats of the far outer system.

Although Season of the Goat's relatively slow path makes it a nonstarter for anyone who needs to get from point A to point B quickly, it's carved out a reputation as one of the best ways to smuggle artifacts from Eris' Discord Gate to the well-trafficked distribution hubs like Whiskey Station and Habitat On The Rock. At any given time, a few dozen smaller ships are usually tagging along with the swarm as they haul cargo to far habitats or try to blend in en route to various hijinks.

The three primary ships of the swarm — haulers that have been with it since the beginning — are slowly being transformed as their crews add personal touches.

It's Our Bridge Now is the semi-official flagship, and is considered Barking Dog's "home turf" in the swarm. Although there have been few internal conflicts so far, visitors generally note tighter security on this ship. It has a full-time crew of roughly 150, with most space taken up by cargo and a handful of fighter bays.

Eat Me When I'm Fatter, previously an ice-hauling ship, has developed a reputation as the swarm's party ship; most of its 400-500 crew are basically traveling party-crashers, bleeding @-rep in exchange for a few months of carnal zaniness. Among other things, it's become infamous for its novelty sleeving facilities, where a few of the locals install cyberbrains and cortical stacks in anything that moves and quite a few things that don't.

Amalthea, the largest of the three primary ships, is lightly crewed but serves as an automated repair and manufacturing hub. Originally a research vessel, it was attacked by pirates in AF 07 and eventually left for scrap. The swarm salvaged it, and has removed most of its internal structures and slowly fitted it with large-scale fabrication tools. Rumors say that the swarm is transforming it into a traveling shipyard.