Memari is a 4-year-old anarchist manufacturing microhabitat ~2.4AU from Whiskey Station (roughly 1 month in a hydrogen-powered LOTV shuttle). If you can get out there, and you're willing to volunteer specialist skills for a long enough shift, you can get a ship designed and manufactured to spec. Memari produces about 2-5 ships per year, depending on the complexity of the projects and the number of volunteers available. A small number of "science tourists" are in residence there, in addition to volunteers and full-time team members. The hab AI is Ganapati, the elephant-headed Hindu god known as the remover of obstacles.

The physical layout revolves around the construction platform and support infrastructure; most of the people on Memari live as infomorphs or sleeve directly into the manufacturing platform's equipment while they're working.

In physical space, there's a shared rec room and exercise area; a shared bunk room; 2 private rooms that go to the highest rep-bidders on the hab; a fairly well-stocked medical bay; and a comm bubble that houses as the hab's farcaster and impressive sensor cluster. The comm bubble's gear is rented out fairly regularly, as a node in sensor networks or as a darkcasting hub, to secure usable funds for raw materials. The fab pit contains small-to-midscale fabbers and a large-scale industrial fabber used to produce larger ship components without the need for assembly. The pit is adjacent to the yard, an open area used by the team to assemble ships once their superstructures have taken shape.

Technically, there are no boundaries around the yard; anything outside of Memari's airlock is colloquially referred to as "the yard." There's no docking bay as such; because so much of the microhab is open to vacuum, transport ships simply unload transponder-marked cargo near the hab and head off.

There are a number of shared hab-wide simulspaces, as well as generous compute resources for residents. The primary rule is an obvious one — everything is run through Ganapati's gauntlet of security probes before it can be instantiated. Less obvious is the fact that the fabbers in the yard are not mesh accessible: they are airgapped, and can only be controlled by operators sleeved into a body or puppetting a bot. No one talks about it much, but an early visitor tried to bring a seed AI onto the hab network while they were staying, and the entire hab network had to be burnt and rebuilt. No one wants to repeat that, and these security measures are designed to slow down any contagion.