Digital Exsurgent Virus

Digital strains of the Exsurgent Virus are purely information- or code- based versions of the virus. They resemble advanced computer viruses, worms, and trojans. They spread throughout the mesh, exploit holes, mimic protocols, and bypass security measures just like a skilled hacker. Digital versions of the exsurgent virus are treated as intelligent programs, using the same rules as infomorphs.

As a matter of course, this exsurgent virus will seek to access any new systems it comes into contact with, hacking in and copying a version of itself. The attack is handled as an Opposed Test, each rolling COG + INT. If the exsurgent virus wins, the target is infected and will be corrupted by the virus in 10 Action Turns, minus 1 turn per 10 full points of MoS. If the target succeeded but rolled lower than the virus, they are aware that they are slowly being taken over. This immediately causes them 1d10 points of mental stress. An infected program has only one option for defending itself before the virus takes over—shutdown and reboot. It takes the AI or infomorph 1 full Action Turn to shut down. Restarting takes 3 full Action Turns (possibly longer if the gamemaster so decides), upon which the AI or infomorph must make another Opposed COG + INT Test against the virus. If this test also fails, then the virus has already embedded itself in the AI or infomorph’s code and will continue its infection.