(Uplifts Only) This trait is only available to uplifts and is most common among neo-hominids. The character retains pre-sapient neurological urges to gain social status via dominance. The character must make a WIL x 2 Test to use Persuasion skill in any situation where they can safely deploy Intimidation skill instead. Additionally, they must make a WIL x 3 Test to avoid responding to acts of intimidation with threat displays or violence, though such violence need not be lethal (note that they will still back down if someone successfully uses Intimidation skill on them). Since the evolutionary purpose of dominance structures is to minimize conflict, domineering uplifts prefer to surround themselves with submissives and will avoid entering situations where they know their dominance might be challenged. Such domineering characters often suffer poor reputations in modern transhuman reputation networks. They may not start with a rep score higher than 40 in any rep network other than Guanxi. (Note: this constraint is not enforced; verify that your character meets this requirement.)