In Eclipse Phase, trains and bicycles remain the most common form of ground transportation, especially on habitats. In larger habitats and on moons and planets, cycles and cars are used as well.

Expensive Cargo Hauler

A Large freight hauler equipped for off road use. Passenger compartments provide life support for two.

Crazypants Crasher Truck

A less expensive version of the GEV (EP p. 348), except it has no rockets for space flight.

Moderate Cycle

Because of the high cost of enclosing a habitat and providing life support, space is at a premium in all cities except some of the newest cities on Mars. As a result, there is rarely room for large roads or the cars that once carpeted the roads of Earthly cities.

Expensive Flying Car

These highly-efficient, methane-powered, turbofan vectored-thrust vehicles are common on Mars, especially in the cities and larger settlements. The vehicle is the size of a small sedan, and the fans fold into the body when not in use, enabling it to also operate as a ground car. On the ground, they have a maximum velocity of 180 kph on roads, but only 60 kph off-road.

Moderate Go Cycle

A more robust version of a common cycle, designed for extended use on uneven terrain at speeds of at least 40 kph

Expensive Ground Car

A small economical ground vehicle used for intra habitat travel over roads.

High Mars Buggy

One of the most ubiquitous vehicles on Mars is the so-called Mars buggy, a four-wheeled vehicle with large balloon tires that is designed for use both on roads and on almost any terrain. Mars buggies can travel at speed of up to 110 kph on roads, 90 kph over relatively at terrain, and up to 40 kph on jagged and rocky terrain.

Expensive Martian Rover

Large 8 wheeled vehicle has cramped living quarters for 6. Also features fabber, mobile lab, drone launching rack and 2 person airlock.

Moderate Martian Trike

A three wheeled motorcycle built for rugged Martian outback.

Expensive Mobile Base

A mobile, self unpacking, headquarters 25m to a side for 12 morphs. It includes a lab, beds, and several high quality makers. 2hrs to un/pack.

Expensive Outsystem Hover

This vehicle flies 3 meters above the ground, and its top speed is 150 kph over any terrain. They are pressurized and hold six passengers and cargo.

Expensive Venusan Hauler

A tracked cargo hauler designed to transport Q-morphs and equipment on the Venusians surface it has no passenger compartments.