Exoskeletons are powered mechatronic skeleton frameworks worn by a person. Servo-hydraulic joints allow the exoskeleton to be maneuvered by mimicking the wearer’s own movements, as well as enhancing their strength. Exoskeletons may also be piloted electronically. A character wearing an exoskeleton (other than the trike or transporter) maneuvers as normal, because the exoskeleton is like an extension of their own body. A character jamming an exoskeleton remotely uses Pilot: Walker skill (except for the trike and transporter).

Expensive Battlesuit

The battle suit powered exoskeleton features a military-grade fullerene armor shell with flexible aerogel for thermal insulation and a diamond-hardened exterior designed to resist even potent ballistic and energy-based weapons.

Expensive Diving Exoskeleton

This hardsuit-like exoskeleton enables the wearer to swim in the high-pressure depths of subsurface oceans.

Moderate Exowalker

Exowalkers are minimal framework exoskeletons, primarily designed to bolster the wearer's strength and movement. They provide a +10 modifier to strength-based tests, and double the distance by which the character may jump.

Crazypants HOPLITE Battlesuit

HOPLITEs are an improved military version of the standard battlesuit (p. 344, Eclipse Phase). They have the same features as battlesuits with the additions noted below and otherwise follow battlesuit/exoskeleton rules.

Expensive Hyperdense Exoskeleton

These powered exoskeletons are larger (roughly twice human-sized) and built for heavy-use industrial purposes, such as handling heavy/large objects. The wearer is partially encapsulated to protect them from debris and industrial accidents.

Low Mobility Frame

A light partial exoskeleton. +4 meters per turn walking and +12 meters per turn running. Adds +20 to any roll to avoid tripping, falling, or losing balance.

High Powersuit

a sealed exoskeleton gives +10 to strength tests, doubles jumping distance, and +3 DV on unarmed attacks. Has food and air for 48hrs, radio booster and specs.

High Transporter

This exoskeleton framework includes a pair of vector-thrust turbofan engines, giving the user flight capabilities in gravity and increased maneuverability in zero-G.

Moderate Trike

The trike exoskeleton is a three-wheeled personal motorcycle design, rather than a walker.