Vacsuit (Light Smartfabric)

Everyone living in a sealed habitat owns at least one of these suits. They come in a variety of forms. Inexpensive versions are typically lightweight jumpsuits made of simple smart fabric that adjusts to fit and folds up small enough to fit into a coat pocket. The best models include suits of high-end smart clothing that can transform into a vacsuit and an advanced nanotech generator the size of a large orange that deploy nanobots that cover the user and t together into a vacuum suit. Both can transform into a vacsuit in 2 full Action Turns and do so either on command or if their sensors reveal that life support is needed. All models include a lightweight belt or torc containing a miniature oxygen tank and advanced rebreather unit that provides 3 hours of air. However, the suits contain no food or water recycling. All models include an ecto and a headlight, but typically little else beyond atmosphere sensors to let the wearer know when it is safe to take off the suit. They protect the wearer from temperatures from -75 to 100 C. These vacuum suits also provide an Armor rating of 5/5 and instantly self-seal breaches unless more than 20 points of damage are inflicted at once.

  • Armor: 5 / 5