High-dive suit

High-dive suits are individual spacesuits specifically designed to withstand atmospheric re-entry and allow the occupant to reach a planet's surface safely. They feature a liquid-cooled thermal regulation system, a closed-loop oxygen system with chemical scrubbers, small gas jets, a drogue chute, and a conventional parachute. High-dive suits are made of fullerene with a refractory metal coating and an opaque sapphire faceplate. A mini-oxygen tank and rebreather provide the wearer with 3 hours worth of breathing air. A high-dive suit compares to light body armor in terms of general protection, though its refractive glazing and heat-transfer systems provide extra protection against energy weapons (AV 13/10). Because of its thermal dampening systems, a high-dive suit also makes its wearer difficult to spot with thermal sensors (-30 modifier to Perception Tests), unless they are entering atmosphere, in which case they are difficult to miss (+30). Note that high-dive suits were designed for (unpow-ered) descent only"they are not equipped for any sort of powered flight.

  • Armor: 13 / 10