A pathogen is an infectious biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host. While natural pathogens rarely strive to kill their hosts, germ warfare programs revived during the Fall—or instigated by the TITANs—sought to modify and use pathogens as a weapon of war. The ideal characteristics of lethal biological agents are high infectivity, high potency, availability of vaccines, and delivery as an aerosol. Most biomorphs are immune to standard pathogens thanks to their basic biomods, and medichines will protect against most others. However, even these defenses may not protect against diseases left by the TITANs or a new terrorist cell’s biowar bug. It is largely recommended that pathogens be handled as a plot device, rather than an active threat to the characters. Pathogens have no effect on synthmorphs.

Expensive Degen

Characters exposed to this degenerative neurological disease must make a DUR x 2 Test or become infected. Medichines will defeat the disease, but others will not show signs of infection for 1 week, when the symptoms of a rapidly progressing dementia will become clear: memory loss, personality changes, and hallucinations.

Expensive Trigger

Trigger is a designer virus that selectively targets and infects mast cells to trigger a hyper-allergic reaction. The resulting anaphylactic shock due to systemic vasodilatation (associated with a sudden drop in blood pressure) and bronchial swelling (resulting in constriction and difficulty breathing) usually leads to death in a matter of minutes after onset, if not treated.