Nanodrugs are temporary nanobot infestations that apply a specific effect.

Moderate Frequency

Frequency (or Freeq) is a nanodrug designed as a tool for scientific visualization. It releases a small swarm of nanobots into the character's bloodstream that settle in the epidermis, where they act as sensors of electromagnetic radiation.

Low Gravy

Gravy assists characters in acclimating to high gravity environments. It comes in a variety of flavors and is often added as a sauce to food. For Gravy to be 100% effective, the character must begin using it in advance. Reduce penalties for high-gravity acclimation by 20.

Variable Petals

Petals is a term for a type of narrative hallucinogen, a nanodrug that hijacks the senses and takes the user on a game-like, highly immersive trip. Known by a myriad of intriguing names (Forgotten Hand, Darkly Selving, Inquisitive Green, to name a few). Petals are post-Fall society's heroin"the drug of choice for the desperate and fucked.

Low Schizo

Schizo is a nanodrug that mirrors the effects of paranoid schizophrenia. It is popular in some hyperelite social circles as a truly daring and intriguing experience. A dose of schizo looks like a disposable antique razor blade. Making an incision in the skin releases a swarm of nanobots that travel to the central nervous system and induce the effects of the drug.