These programs can be run on any computerized device.

Moderate AR Illusions

These databases of AR clips can be used to create realistic illusions in someone's entoptic display.

High Behavioral Psych Software

A program that uses provided data to build a psychological profile. Has Academics: Psychology 80 and gives +20 bonus to psychology tests.

Moderate Cartography Package

This software is used to build detailed maps. Idealy employed by flying morphs with the Mnemonic Agumentation or Life Recorder implant.

Low Encryption Software

Crypto software generates key pairs, encrypts messages using public keys, and decrypts with secret keys.

High Event Reconstruction Software

Combines sensor data to help build a simulspace environment to help investigations. Gives +20 to Investigation Tests where applicable.

High Exploit Software

Exploits are hacker tools that take advantage of known vulnerabilities in other software. They are required for intrusion attempts.

Low Facial/Image Recognition Software

This program can be used to take an image and run a pattern-matching search among public archives. Similar version of this program exist for other biometrics: gait recognition, vocal recognition, etc.

Expensive Fake Brainprint Plug-In

A program used by infomorphs and characters with cyberbrains, it allows the user to fake a brainprint scan.

Low Firewall Software

This program protects a device from hostile intrusion. Every system comes with a standard version of this software by default.

Moderate Kinesics Software

Gives a +10 to Kinesics Tests.

High Probability Mapping Software

When supplied with data on a particular person, this software can make a guess as to their likely current whereabouts, activities, and possibly even moods.

Low Radio Motion Detector

Software that uses wireless mesh signals to act as a low resolution form of passive radar.

Moderate Relationship Mapping Software

This program is useful for identifying a person's social relationships, including friends, relatives, lovers, co-workers and conspirators.

Moderate Sniffer Software

Sniffer programs collect all of the transmission that pass to, from, or through the device they are running on.

Moderate Spoof Software

Spoof is a hacker tool used to fake commands and transmissions, making them seem as if they came from another source.

Moderate Tactical Network

These programs allow people in the same squad to share tactical data in real-time.

Moderate Tracking Software

This software is used to track people by their presence online.

Variable XP Software

Experience playback recordings are clips of someone else's experiences. Depending on the content, some XP (porn, snuff, crime, etc.) may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. Some XP clips are intentionally modified so that their emotive tracks are more intense, giving the viewer a greater thrill.