Xenoarcheology Gear

These items are useful when digging up the ruins of dead civilizations.

High Adaptive Interface

One of the most hoped-for finds on any gatecrashing expedition is any piece of functional alien electronics—especially any alien data storage medium still containing data. In the rare circumstances that such a relic is found, the adaptive interface is the tool designed to enable transhumans to understand, activate, and potentially interact with it.

Low Faraday Container

This is a specimen container (p. 330, EP) that is encased in a superconductive charged wire mesh, blocking all radio signals, electrical charges, and electromagnetic radiation from getting in or out. It is commonly used to isolate unknown alien devices.

Moderate Scourer Swarm

Scourers are a type of nanoswarm/microswarm (p. 328, EP) and follow all of the normal rules for such. Scourers are used for xenoarcheological digs. They are programmed to analyze the dirt, regolith, ice, or other ground covering in a particular area and then to systematically remove it, layer by layer.