Scavenger Tech

This technology is often employed by gatecrashers, space scavengers, and Firewall teams during missions.

High Adaptive Interface

One of the most hoped-for finds on any gatecrashing expedition is any piece of functional alien electronics—especially any alien data storage medium still containing data. In the rare circumstances that such a relic is found, the adaptive interface is the tool designed to enable transhumans to understand, activate, and potentially interact with it.

Expensive Blue Box Portable Gate Control Unit

Portable gate control unit (GC p. 142). Requires a Hardware: Electronics Test as a Task Action with a -10 modifier and a timeframe of 1 hour.

High Disassembly Tools

These tools are useful for salvage ops, breaking down wrecks, or dissembling anything from a habitat room to a vehicle or synthmorph. They include plasma torches, laser cutters, pneumatic jaws, and smart tools like spanners and wrenches that can be adapted to a wide array of connections and ttings.

Low Faraday Container

This is a specimen container (p. 330, EP) that is encased in a superconductive charged wire mesh, blocking all radio signals, electrical charges, and electromagnetic radiation from getting in or out. It is commonly used to isolate unknown alien devices.

Moderate Gate Probe

Portable medium-sized self-deploying sensor packages. Taking a measurement requires only 1 Action Turn. Has Perception 40 and Academics: Chemistry 60

Moderate Mapping Missile

Small orbital missile which provides low res planetary map data in 1-2 days. Has Perception 40 and Academics: Chemistry 60

Moderate Mobile Lab

The mobile lab is a handheld device that contains all different types of sensors to investigate organic and inorganic liquid, gaseous, and solid components (from soil to tissue samples) and compositions. It performs material analysis using different methods of spectrometry and biochemical testing, comparing results to a built-in database of element and compound spectra.

Low Portable Solarchive

Small data storage units that hold mesh libraries for specific subjects (one knowledge skill at 60). Allows queries and research tests as if connected to the mesh.

Moderate Scourer Swarm

Scourers are a type of nanoswarm/microswarm (p. 328, EP) and follow all of the normal rules for such. Scourers are used for xenoarcheological digs. They are programmed to analyze the dirt, regolith, ice, or other ground covering in a particular area and then to systematically remove it, layer by layer.

Moderate Scout Missile

Disposable launch tube with sensor missiles. Maps 5km radius or 10km in a direction in 20 min and has a Perception of 40.

Low Specimen Container

This capsule container is designed to hold samples of any sort (chemical, biological, etc.) in near stasis. It can be programmed to reproduce whatever conditions the user specifies, from cryogenic freezing to extreme heat, or even vacuum or high-pressure atmosphere.

Moderate Superthermite Charge

These powerful and highly stable demolition charges are made from a combination of nanometals and metal oxides. A single charge can be used to create an explosive blast inflicting 2d10+5 damage. This charge can be shaped with a successful Demolitions Test, focusing the blast in a particular 90-degree direction (for example, to blow through a door).