These custom biological morphs are available only to uplifted creatures.

Expensive Neo-Avian

Neo-avians include ravens, crows, and gray parrots uplifted to human-level intelligence. Their physical sizes are much larger than their non-uplifted cousins (to the size of a human child), with larger heads for their increased brain size.

Expensive Neo-Hominid

Neo-hominids include both uplifted chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans. All feature enhanced intelligence and bipedal frames. They walk upright, though some are known to knuckle-walk or switch to all fours when injured or in times of stress. All are great climbers, and their prehensile feet help both with climbing and maneuvering in microgravity environments.

Expensive Neo-Neanderthal

This morph is based on fossilized Neanderthal DNA, uplifted and enhanced to transhuman equivalence. Neanderthal morphs look like muscular humans with a heavy bone structure, distinctively long skulls, heavy brow ridges, and weak chins. Pale complexions and red hair are common features.

Expensive (min. 30000) Octomorph

These uplifted octopi sleeves have proven quite useful in zero-gravity environments. They retain eight arms, their chameleon ability to change skin color, ink sacs, and a sharp beak. They also have increased brain mass and longevity, can breathe both air and water, and lack a skeletal structure so they can squeeze through tight spaces.