The basic infomorph shell is a software mind-emulation package that runs an ego. The default infomorph is much like a digital version of a flat, in that it does not enjoy the cognitive or other aptitude bonuses common to other physical morphs. Other varieties of infomorph shells exist, however. Known as eidolons, these digital morphs include routines that bolster an ego’s innate capabilities and often come equipped with pre-installed plug-ins and upgrades.

Expensive (min. 35000) Agent

While some infomorphs who work in network security and penetration testing use this eidolon, it is most popular with hackers and criminals. Many users also purchase the digital veil plug-in.

Expensive Digimorph

This budget eidolon is one of the cheapest available. While it has only modest bonuses, it is highly customizable and widely used.

Expensive (min. 35000) Elite

Designed for performers, celebrities, and individuals who work with such people, this eidolon allows users to be more charismatic and persuasive, while also providing with them the ability to think on their feet by speeding up their thoughts in order to give themselves more time to consider their responses.

Expensive (min. 35000) Hot Shot

When you really want to pilot a high-speed spacecraft, you don't want to have to worry how your squishy biomorph is going to hold up under high-g maneuvers. This eidolon is quite popular among fightercraft pilots as well as among infomorphs who specialize in controlling and directing robots.

Trivial Infomorph

Infomorphs are digital only forms. Infomorphs are sometimes carried by other characters instead of a muse or in a ghostrider module.

Expensive (min. 40000) Sage

This cutting-edge eidolon is too new to have seen widespread adoption by scientists and academics, but its popularity is spreading among intellectuals, researchers, and others who can afford it.

Expensive (min. 35000) Scholar

Most voluntary infomorphs value intelligence above physical prowess and so this is one of the most popular eidolons. It is a simple and relatively powerful eidolon which has no frills and is affordable by most well-off infomorphs.

Moderate Slave

No one other than a handful of bizarre eccentrics voluntarily uses this eidolon. It is specifically designed as a means to control infomorphs who are being used as slaves. One common use of this eidolon is sending an infomorph on a mission where the sender wishes to insure the infomorphs complete and total obedience.

Expensive (min. 60000) Wirehead

Regardless of whether an infomorph controls fightercraft, tiny surveillance drones, or attack robots, this high-end eidolon is one that almost all people in those professions wish they had access to.