Biomorphs are fully biological sleeves (usually equipped with implants), birthed naturally or in a flexowomb, and grown to adulthood either naturally or at a slightly accelerated rate.

Expensive Aquanaut

Aquanauts are environmentally adapted for underwater activities. Their heart rate slows while underwater, their skin includes a layer of blubber that retains heat, they store oxygen in their muscle tissue, and they do not suffer negative health effects from pressure changes. Additionally, their eyes have nictitating membranes and their corneas adjust to counter underwater refraction.

Expensive (min. 50000) Ariel

The surprising number of transhumans who chose to sleeve in Titan-adapted hulder morphs encouraged designers on Profunda to develop a Titan-adapted flyer. While the sturdy hulder morph is designed for nomadic herders, the ariel morph is designed by people who wish to survive by hunting.

Expensive Bouncer

Bouncers are humans genetically adapted for zero-G and microgravity environments, and their feet can grasp as well as their hands.

Expensive (min. 60000) Bruiser

This morph is specifically designed to be large, strong, and physically intimidating. Adopted early on by some sports performers, it quickly became a favorite among criminal cartels and thugs. At 2.5 meters tall, the morph may have difficulty moving comfortably in all but the most open and uncrowded of habitats.

Expensive (min. 60000) Cloud Skate

Like the surya and hulder morphs, the cloud skate is another biomorph that pushes the edge of what is possible. It is designed to be able to live in the atmospheres of gas giants, including Jupiter. This morph is shaped roughly like a tailless stingray with a pair of slender arms.

Expensive (min. 40000) Crasher

An enhanced version of ruster morphs, crashers are rugged and durable designs capable of weathering a range of harsh environments. They are the ideal biomorph for gatecrashing assignments and are popular among first-in teams. Though pricey compared to other biomorph options, many gatecrashers traveling to less habitable and dangerous environments have found the investment worth it.

Expensive Dverger

Dvergar (plural of dvergr) are biomorphs designed for comfortable operation in high-gravity environments. They feature a reinforced skeletal structure and sturdier muscle masses. They are easily identified by their slightly squat, thick-necked, tough appearances.

Expensive Exalt

Exalt morphs are genetically enhanced humans, designed to emphasize specific traits. Their genetic code has been tweaked to make them healthier, smarter, and more attractive (based on ever-evolving beauty standards). Their metabolism is modi ed to predispose them towards staying fit and athletic for the duration of an extended lifespan.

Crazypants (min. 100000) Faust

This morph is not a publicly known model. Developed in secret by a small group of unaf liated async genehackers, this morph is not a publicly known model. It is only available to individuals who discover a connection to this unnamed, underground async network and then download the template from one of several secret mesh sites. The faust is a modi ed menton morph.

High Flat

Flats are baseline unmodified humans, born with all of the natural defects, hereditary diseases, and other genetic mutations that evolution so lovingly applies. Flats are increasingly rare—most died off with the rest of humanity during the Fall.

High Freeman

Many leaders want to ensure loyalty or at least obedience from their citizens, especially recently sleeved infugees. The freeman biomorph offers rulers (some would say tyrants or dictators) a chance to offer citizens a new life without worrying about dissidence. Based on the splicer morph, the freeman is genetically modified to be more obedient, which results in lower Willpower.

Expensive (min. 40000) Fury

Furies are combat morphs. These transgenic human upgrades feature genetics tailored for endurance, strength, and re exes, as well as behavioral modifications for aggressiveness and cunning. To offset tendencies for unruliness and macho behavior patterns, furies feature gene sequences promoting pack mentalities and cooperation, and they tend to be biologically female.

Expensive (min. 50000) Futura

An exalt variant, futura morphs were specially crafted for the “Lost generation.” Tailor-made for accelerated growth and adjusted for confidence, self-reliance, and adaptability, futuras were intended to help transhumanity regain its foothold.

Expensive (min. 40000) Ghost

Ghosts are partially designed for combat applications, but their primary focus is stealth and ifiltration. Their genetic profile encourages speed, agility, and re exes, and their minds are modi ed for patience and problem-solving.

Expensive (min. 30000) Grey

Originally created as part of a fad based on 20th-century images of aliens, the grey morph soon became popular with eccentric scientists and engineers. This morph's slender and weak-looking body stands only 1.5 meters tall, short compared to modern transhumans. Its distinctive large head and eyes strike many transhumans as disturbing.

Expensive Hazer

Hazers are tall, fine-boned morphs, lightly muscled but heavily insulated against loss of body heat. Even with all of their augmentations, hazers can't survive exposure to the frigid atmosphere of Titan-but they can handle it slightly longer than other morphs. Hazers tend to be fair and slender, with chiseled features.

Expensive Hibernoids

Hibernoids are transgenic-modified humans with heavily altered sleep patterns and metabolic processes. Hibernoids have a decreased need for sleep, requiring only 1–2 hours a day on average. They also have the ability to trigger a form of voluntary hibernation, effectively stopping their metabolism and need for oxygen.

Expensive (min. 40000) Hulder

Hulder are engineered for survival in the Titanian wilds. In silhouette, their bodies resemble a longlegged great auk, though viewed up close, the resemblance to a bird ends. Hulder have no feathers, but rather smooth, rubbery charcoal or black skin covering a thick layer of nano-augmented blubber.

Expensive (min. 40000) Hyperbright

This morph is an attempt by a research team on Bright to create a successor to the menton, making it the most intelligence-enhanced morph ever created. Work on the hyperbright morph has been plagued with difficulties, as the designers attempt to push technical limits, creating a morph that can work at peak efficiency without distraction for long periods of time.

Expensive Lunar Flier

This morph is a version of the exalt morph that has been adapted to fly in Earth normal air pressure as long as the gravity is 0.2 g or less. Though this morph is available on other low-g worlds and habitats, it was developed for and is primarily found on Luna.